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We operate as a transparent and diverse organization with substantial opportunities across Europe’s most attractive destinations.

We build long-term value for our stakeholders globally through the meticulous stewardship of their ambitions.

We aim to maximize the potential of our clients guided by quality advice and sustained results

Our focus lies in sourcing and presenting investors with high-level and global market opportunities in Real Estate.

​Our extensive and unique portfolio provides access to opportunities across the following asset classes: Residential, Commercial, Logistics & Education.



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Real Estate Investment & Consulting

Our expertise in real estate allows us to ensure that our clients maximize the value of their investments, whatever their needs and objectives may be.

We provide our clients with the tools and insights necessary to make both informed and strategic decisions.


Off-Market Sourcing & Transactions

An extensive and unique portfolio of assets with opportunities in the following categories: Commercial, Residential, Logistics & Education.


Property Acquisition & Management

A series of branded apartments presenting a unique opportunity to acquire prime real estate in Madrid.

We provide our clients with personalized property management solutions - encompassing different asset types - in order to achieve an optimized operation process, reduced costs and maximized value.



Within this ever-expanding niche of the property market, our dedicated team specializes in acquiring and letting small and large-scale residential developments.

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Education Real Estate Assets

Contribute to the development of adequate infrastructures enforcing green solutions and enhancing social environment. Establishing long lasting partnerships with strong selected private & public operators.


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C/ de Alcalá 85, 5º Dcha, 28009, Madrid, Spain

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